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How to get the VRYNT Token

  1. User sells a VRYNT NFT, Component or Pack on the platform
  2. The seller receives VRYNT Proceeds for the sale.
  3. The VRYNT proceeds can then be swapped for VRYNT Tokens
  4. When the user claims the swapped VRYNT Tokens, it's sent to the wallet (Torus, MetaMask, etc.) that is linked with the account.  
  5. The user can trade the VRYNT tokens on supported exchanges for USDC or other supported tokens.


Token Uses

VRYNT Credit Purchase

VRYNT Tokens can be used to purchase VRYNT Credits (VC) on the platform.  



Token holders can use VRYNT tokens to stake on the platform.  For securing the quality assurance mechanism, staking allows rewards in VRYNT tokens and various other rewards.  There are three levels of staking that can be achieved:

  • Bronze Level:  Purchased with $25 worth of VRYNT Tokens
  • Silver Level:  Purchased with $250 worth of VRYNT Tokens
  • Gold Level:  Purchased with $1,000 worth of VRYNT Tokens

Holding one of these levels entitles the user to earn additional rewards by referring other users to the platform.  

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