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What is the VRYNT Builder?

The VRYNT Builder is where the magic happens.  Most NFTs are minted using traits and images from the artist that are randomly generated.  The buyer has no input as to how the NFT is generated and the final version.  While some of these random generated NFTs are very appealing, the process of minting can be frustrating for buyers.  It's left to a complete chance as to whether they will receive an NFT that they like or one that they will quickly flip in the hopes of buying a new one that may contain certain traits and eye appeal that they were after.


We believe that the buyer should be part of the creation process.  Together with the artist, the buyer and artist create NFTs through the use of components and the VRYNT Builder.


You can either use the components that you own after purchasing a component pack, or you can choose to buy individual components in the marketplace.  Once you have the required number of components, you can start to build your personalized NFT in collaboration with the artist, using the traits and images that they selected for the collection.   



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