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Intro to Selling NFTs & Components on VRYNT

You can sell NFTs and Components on the VRYNT marketplace platform in three ways.

Below we will break down the differences between the three.

For the examples below, we have outlined the steps to sell an NFT.  This process is precisely the same for selling individual components.

All of these methods can be found by navigating to the "My Inventory" page and clicking on the "Explore" link at the top of each page.

Fixed Price Listing

1. From the "My Inventory" page, select NFTs




2. Select the NFT that you wish to sell.


3. Next, click on "Create Listing", found in the top right-hand corner.




4. This will display a popup window that allows you to choose between an auction format or a Fixed Price (BUY NOW format).




5. For this example, we will choose "Fixed Price."




6. Enter the price you wish to sell your NFT in VC credits and then select the date.

Please note that listings cannot be created for fewer than 24 hours.  That said, you can cancel it at any time.


7. After clicking on "Submit", your listing will be live in the marketplace, and buyers will be able to purchase it until the end date expires.  


Listing as an Auction

Some sellers like to list at an auction versus setting a fixed price.  If you opt for this route, you can enter a starting bid price.  If no one submits a bid at this price, the auction will end, and the NFT will remain with you.

You will also need to select a reserve price.  The reserve price must be equal to or greater than your starting bid.  

Finally, you will also need to set a Buy Now Price.  This is the price that you are willing to sell the NFT immediately to a buyer if they meet this price, thereby ending the auction.




Keep in mind that auctions can last in duration from 24 hours up to 30 days.  

To view the existing bids on your auction, go to "My Inventory" and select the item you have listed for auction.  If you click on "Bids", you can view all offers that have been made on your NFT.




Accepting offers

The final way that NFTs can be sold is through offers.  Potential buyers can place an offer on any NFT listed in the marketplace.  

To view if you have any current offers, check the description page of your item and select "Offers."

This will show you the current offers that have been made on your item.




Edit Listing

You can edit your listing on the Description page of your item.  The "Edit Listing" can be found in the top right-hand corner of the page, under your profile. 




When you click on "Edit Listing", it will bring up a confirmation window that allows you to edit the current listing or cancel it outright by selecting "retract the offer."




Note:  You must be connected to the AVAX network to make changes.  If you are not logged into MetaMask, you will receive an error asking you to sign in.



There are no fees for listing or editing on the VRYNT Platform.  The only time that you will be charged is when an item sells.  A standard 12.5% fee is subtracted from your final sale. 




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