How to Purchase VRYNT Credits

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Buying VRYNT Credit Bundles
To purchase NFTs, Component Packs, or even individual components, you must first buy VRYNT Credits on the platform.
VRYNT Credits (VC) can be purchased on the website using Credit Card, Crypto, or VRYNT Tokens.
These credit bundles contain fixed amounts of VRYNT Credits. Bonus credits are included based on the amount you spend.
You will automatically be prompted to top up your V RYNT credits if you attempt to purchase something and do not have enough credits to complete the purchase or offer:
This opens a new window to purchase the bundles using your credit card, crypto, or VRYNT tokens.
Once a user selects their desired credit bundle, they can choose their payment option.
Remember to view the "Credits Needed" if you plan on using your credits to purchase a component pack for the current collection on Sale.

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