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Jay Rusk
Jay Rusk
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VRYNT Origins

The first collection opens the door to our exclusive club membership, bringing you special discounts and whitelisting for future collections. Designing VRYNTs is easier than you think, and we'll show you how.

Purchase VRYNT credits, buy an ORIGINS component pack and start creating your personal and unique NFT. It's very easy! Drag your components onto the canvas of our VRYNT builder and design your favourite composition by moving, resizing, and positioning the elements. Once you're happy with your layout, make sure you have used at least five of the eight provided components and mint your personal VRYNT club membership card.

Don't like the result? Just reset, try again, and enjoy the process.

Missing a component? Want to sell your VRYNT? No problem! You can trade, sell, or buy components and NFTs on our marketplace.

Do you still have doubts?
Check out our FAQ.

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