How to Manually Add Your NFT to the Torus Wallet

Jay Rusk
Jay Rusk
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In many cases, when you purchase an NFT it will automatically show up in your Wallet.  Occasionally, there may be an instance when it does not update.  The guide below walks through troubleshooting this issue, by showing you how to manually add a token to your wallet.

Keep in mind, you can only add a token to your wallet that you own.  If you are not the owner of the token, you cannot add it to your wallet and obtain the rights to it.


Step 1

Open your Torus Wallet, by clicking the blue "T" symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen, and selecting "Open Wallet."




Step 2

Click on "Collectibles" and then "Add Collectible"




Step 3

Enter the following information:

NFT Contract Address:  0xDb7c680286Dc69075Aac5bF7f9212A7b96068f1a

Token ID: [NFT Number]

Token Name:  VRYNT-ORIGIN (or name of collection).  It will typically auto populate after you enter the Token ID and Contract Address.




Step 4

If you are having difficulty locating the token ID of your NFT, you can also find it by viewing your inventory on and clicking on the description of your NFT.


In the example below, you can see that the Token ID is 70.  This is what you would enter into the Torus Wallet field.




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